How to Create a Travel Package Product in Greece

June 24, 2021 | Old TTC, TTC

White-sand beaches, incredible food and more history than one can explore in a lifetime – Greece is truly a dream holiday destination. For that reason, it attracts a lot of attention from travel brands. If you want to create a successful travel product in Greece, you’re going to have to think carefully about how to make it extra-special.


Fortunately, The Travel Corporation is here to help. We’ve been working with destination management companies in Greece for over 20 years. This week, we’re bringing you some inside info on how to properly build out a successful travel package in Greece. Let’s dive right in.


Find out what makes successful products work in Greece


Every travel company has a different audience. And every audience has different needs. Figuring out what they are is the key to creating a successful product. That means that you’re going to have to bring a lot of your own knowledge to the product creation process. Understanding your top-performing packages should be an ongoing process in your company. Now is a good time to review the data you have on them and set the frame for a successful product.


But your own knowledge isn’t enough. You also need to find out what products are successful in your chosen country. When it comes to Greece, the most successful holidays combine beach activities, culture and nightlife for an exciting and varied experience. Sailing is a key draw across the Greek islands, so consider adding day cruises or extended boating trips to your itinerary. The Greek villa is also a critical part of a dream holiday for many visitors to Greece, so you’ll want to think carefully about accommodation options.


Identify your business needs


The next step in building a travel package is understanding where the shortcomings in your current product lineup lie. Do you need more off-season stays? Longer bookings? Added experience bundles? Wherever you have gaps, you can map them to your in-country options. For example, Greece’s historical landmarks are open year-round; you could try building a history and culture package that attracts group bookings in the off-season. Or, if you want to capitalize on high-season traffic, consider building a family beach getaway package on a remote Greek island.


Pick your partner


It’s a good idea to onboard a services partner as early as possible in the planning stages of your product. That’s because they’re great at helping partners to build out their value proposition and suggest exciting experiences that can make your offer more compelling. They have the local knowledge about which accommodations, destinations and experiences sell the best, so make sure to take advantage of their insight.


Our Destination Management Companies have decades of experience building holidays in the region. They’re perfectly placed to help you create all sorts of successful products, from flotilla sailing holidays to luxury retreat experiences. Visit our Greece page for a full list of in-country DMC partners.


Plan your marketing strategy


Marketing is your specialty – you probably already have a great idea of what strategies work. However, don’t forget that your DMC partner is a great asset here, too. They can help you find all the marketing assets you need, from on-location imagery to key feature information. Make sure you get in touch before you launch your campaign – it could save you a lot of headaches.


For more information about building highly successful travel products in Greece, get in touch with The Travel Corporation today. We can help you build an experience that will take your brand to new heights.