Take Back Your Vacations for the Ultimate Travel Revenge

There are so many ways to see and explore the world. If you’re like the rest of us and have been missing traveling with a vengeance, you’re probably looking for the extraordinary when it comes to your next trip. With so many ways to go and things to see and experience, we’ve got you covered so you can find exactly the trip you’re looking for. Here are 10 of the ultimate trips to take to ensure your next vacation is one for the books.


Go big on your return into the world

Looking to travel in ultimate luxury and have a truly epic adventure? To really “go big,” set sail for 46 days from Cairo to Lisbon. You’ll cross two continents and nine countries as you visit Egypt, the Mediterranean, the Alps, Central Europe, and Northern France all on one trip. Each of the five ships of this journey is designed to reflect the destinations it sails, from the Nile to the breathtaking Douro River Valley. Since it’s going to be one for the scrapbook, this adventure includes all the luxury trimmings possible, as well as meticulously crafted experiences you won’t find anywhere else.


Man fishing in a boat

A completely unique experience

If you’re ready for a voyage that is both fascinating and rewarding, travel to Vietnam and Cambodia, two of the friendliest countries in the world. The best way to see both countries is to visit local villages along the mighty Mekong River. Plus, you can see it all on the Mekong Jewell, the newest and most luxurious ship on this famous stretch of water. When looking for a completely unique experience, you’ll want to visit the legendary Angkor Wat, “City of Temples,” and the largest religious structure in the world. The best way to take it all in is to spend several exhilarating days exploring the city in all its mystery and beauty while learning about the ancient civilization that built it.

Go wild in style

For a real adventure in unreal style, dial up your vacation in Botswana. The best way to see it all is to stay in idyllic locations at intimate safari camps that draw on decades of safari heritage. Pull up a front-row seat to nature’s theatre and take in striking scenery and wildlife in pristine and unspoiled wilderness areas. You might have a close encounter with a meerkat, you can glide silently down the waterways of the Okavango Delta on a mokoro canoe, or take in the incredible aerial views of wildlife from a small bush plane. These are bucket list moments, and the adventure is yours for the taking.


people on a boat in a lake in the rocky mountains

Take time to explore the great outdoors

Enjoy complete serenity and traverse across Canada by train! You’ll see some of the world’s most spectacular national parks, glaciers, and historic villages while traveling aboard the famous Rocky Mountaineer. Of course, you’ll want to spend time in the beautiful Banff National Park. Canada’s oldest park has graced many postcards as the scenery is truly unbelievable. Visit Whistler, where pristine snow meets style, and keep an eye out for famous skiers who call these hills home. For those who love slow travel and total luxury, this Canadian adventure is sure to please.

italy venice murano glass handmade art artisan bowl dish

Support the art community in Italy

Over the last few centuries, Italian artists have made a significant mark on history. From Michelangelo’s David to Murano Glass, it’s no wonder Italy is home to some of the world’s most fantastic art today. On this journey, you’ll revel in Renaissance artworks from Rome to Florence. There’s a Murano Glass workshop in magical Venice where artisans create delicate works using rare traditional practices, that date back to the 15th century. There are precious few masters of the craft left, and those at this workshop are teaching a new generation. They’ll share their artistry with you, and your visit helps to support the workshop and the survival of this traditional craft.


scenic view of train in the Alps

Splurge, you deserve it

You’ve been waiting for it, and it’s time to take that perfect trip. It’s more than worth it to splurge on the ultimate vacation traveling on both luxury trains and boutique ships. For a truly relaxing, renewing, and all-inclusive trip, there’s no better way to go. If you’re looking for absolutely everything, here’s the vacation you’ve been dreaming of. From the lagoons of Venice, cruise down the coast of Italy on the most fashionable of ships. Then, prepare to unwind even more as you step aboard the deluxe Golden Eagle Danube Express. This exclusive rail line offers just the ticket to round out your five-star trip. With captivating views of turquoise coastlines, Alpine lakes, and traditional towns, you really can relax and watch the world go by from your ever-changing window seat.


people looking at the pyramids with a glass of champagne

Step back in time

If you’ve always wanted to walk among Egypt’s pyramids, temples, and treasures, there’s never been a better time. This ancient land of the Pharaohs is home to perhaps the most famous archaeological discovery of all time, Tutankhamun’s treasures, and this year is the first time you can take in all 5,000 objects found inside the tomb. The new and much-anticipated, Grand Egyptian Museum, is the first museum to feature all of the remarkable artifacts under one roof. Plus, when it comes to Egypt, who better to lead the way than your very own Egyptologist? Explore the Valley of the Kings together, as they help you unlock the mysteries of the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. You’ll leave Egypt with a camera full of photos of temples, tombs, and sphinxes, and the memories of a lifetime.


man in a pool looking at Uluru

Take in the natural wonders Down Under

Can you picture yourself in a land far away, standing in front of some of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders? If you’re not already, you should be planning your next revenge travel vacation to Australia and New Zealand. Here you’ll visit sacred Aboriginal lands, the 500-million-year-old sandstone monolith of Uluru, as well as the Great Barrier Reef. There’s the red desert of the Northern Territory and some of the best surfing beaches on the planet. In New Zealand, you’ve got the majestic southern spots of Milford Sound and Queenstown, both frequently chosen as film locations. When you’re standing on top of Coronet Peak or the Remarkables Ski Resort, it’s not hard to see why.

view of a river cruise ship

An expedition through the Amazon

Peru promises rainforests, wildlife, jungles, adventure, famous rivers, and ancient civilizations. A Peruvian expedition on the Amazon River might be just what you need when it comes to getting out in the world again. There’s jungle walking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, exploring, and more. One of the ultimate ways to stretch your legs is to take a trek to the world-famous Machu Picchu. The site has been a must-see since its rediscovery in 1911. It has fascinated historians, archaeologists, and visitors for years, and now the opportunity is yours. What are you waiting for?

a heard of elephants walking

Reconnect in Africa

Of all the destinations to create shared travel stories with those you love, Africa surely must be at the top. The continent moves travelers in ways nowhere else does. Spend some genuine quality time together on guided game drives as you search with your companions for elephants, giraffes, lions, rhino, mountain zebra, and oryx. For those looking to support wildlife and local communities, on this journey, you can help to protect the black rhino and connect with the Himba people, one of Africa’s last truly nomadic tribes. From bushwalks to nights sleeping under the stars, there’s no better place to make new memories with your loved ones.