Why Use a Destination Management Company (DMC)?

June 9, 2021 | Old TTC, TTC

Why use a destination management company (DMC)?


DMCs are excellent service providers. But if you’ve never worked with one before, it’s easy to think that services are the only way they can add value to your business. On the contrary, destination management companies are perfectly placed to offer a huge range of benefits to travel agents, agencies and providers. They’re also in an ideal position to help you make your travel product a commercial success.


That’s why we’re taking you through eight of the most important functions a DMC can provide. This post is essential reading if you’re considering working with a DMC partner anywhere in the world; it’ll help you get that much more from your relationship. Let’s dive right in.


They can bring knowledge only locals can provide


In the travel industry, there’s often a disconnect between the provider and the destination itself. Sure, you can go online and book any product or service on the other side of the world. But you won’t have any real idea of what the experience is like, what the common pitfalls are and what local factors might influence the outcome. 


DMC providers are the key to unlocking quality local experiences. They can tell you the best times to visit, the essential experiences to have there, and how to keep the trip safe and comfortable. That kind of knowledge can help elevate your travel product to the next level.


They know their services better than us


DMC partners bring the same level of expertise to their services as they do their local region. As a travel professional, your skillset is in creating and selling incredible travel products – you can’t be expected to know which river cruise in South Africa is best for hippo-spotting. Your DMC partner, however, does. They’ll let you know which services will provide the experiences you’re looking for. And, most importantly, they’ve got decades of experience delivering exactly that, whether it’s coach tours, cruises or something as simple as a flight transfer.


One partner for every service


Each DMC we work with here at TTC provides a range of services. Sure, they may be specialists in one thing or another, but a short conversation will show you just how far they can go to make your product a success. That means that you’ll only need one partner in every region you visit. Why book coach tours, airport transfers, accommodation and event tickets separately when you can get it all done with just one phone call? What’s more, a DMC partner can give you insight into what services you’ll need, helping you to plug gaps or bringing new considerations to your attention. 


They can help you in an emergency


The great range of services DMCs offer is extremely handy in a pinch. Got a challenging customer on your hands? Your DMC partner is ready to offer experiences on the fly when their needs change. That’s perfect for exclusive clients who expect top-tier service. And because they’ve been working with customers for decades, you’ll know that the level of service they provide is top-rate. Your DMC will end up being your best friend in-country, helping you to react to client’s changing needs. On top of this, most of our DMCs provide emergency preparedness and relief services, giving you much more to work with if something does go wrong.


They bring commercial insight


Each of our DMC partners is a successful business in its own right. That’s important – it means that they’ve got a good feel for the kinds of experiences people want in their local region. And they know how to provide them, too. When it comes to creating new products or custom itineraries, they know exactly what kinds of things will get customers excited. That kind of insight is crucial if you’re launching a brand-new travel product or entering a new market. By combining your knowledge, you’ll be able to craft a powerful value proposition that others will find difficult to compete with.


They can give you those hard-to-find marketing assets


It’s your job to get your travel experience sold. That means you’ll need to collect a great deal of marketing collateral to make it run. Photos, videos, testimonials and data are essential for competing in the busy market of travel products. Each of our DMCs already has that material ready to go. And what’s more, you know it’s effective – they’ve been using it for decades to generate interest for their successful businesses. One phone call can put a huge range of powerful marketing assets at your fingertips, saving you the money and time you’d need to source them yourself.


They can help you stay on brand


Many of our DMC partners offer their services on a white-label basis. That means you can produce a massive range of experiences under your own brand without having to own the assets yourself. You can put your own logo on coach tours, river cruises, safaris, expeditions – whatever your itinerary demands. And you can do so knowing that the quality of every service will be just as good as the ones you provide yourself. Each of our DMCs works with the best customer-service representatives their region has to offer.


Book with confidence in your own currency


This is an extra-special benefit that applies only to The Travel Corporation DMC network. Because our partners operate under one banner, they’re protected by the financial security of the whole company. That means that you can pay for services in whatever currency suits you best. You can book with the confidence that your partner isn’t going to go into liquidation overnight. Everything is backed by our rigorous financial standards and operating practices, so you know that your investment is safe with every booking. 


Not enough for you? Learn more about what a DMC partner can do for you by getting in touch with us. Every partner is a little different, but they’re all ready to help you make your next travel project a success.