How Does a White-Label Travel Product Work?

July 5, 2021 | Old TTC, TTC

Here at The Travel Corporation, we talk a lot about our white-label travel product packages. That’s because they provide such a huge benefit to our partners. However, not everyone in the industry has used a white-label service before or knows what they’re for. This week, we’re taking you through a few of the key details of a white-label travel product and how they can benefit you.


What is a white label solution in the travel industry?


A white-label travel solution is when a travel company uses products and services of another company under its own brand. Let’s pretend, for example, you run a travel agency called ‘Global Travel Adventures’. You want to create a new travel product that includes safari tours in South Africa. The problem is that you don’t have any safari vehicles, staff or offices in the area. 


Instead of investing hundreds of thousands in buying those assets, you contact a provider who can supply them all for you. The provider offers to sell their services to you on a white-label basis – that means that they’ll operate for you under the ‘Global Travel Adventures’ brand. All the vehicles, uniforms and marketing materials will be stamped with your logo. The result is that your customers receive a continuous brand experience and won’t get confused by who is supposed to be taking them on the safari. 


What are the benefits?


White-label services open up a world of possibilities to your brand. Theoretically, they can give you access to just about any travel service or experience you can imagine. You’ll be free to create innovative travel products that compete with the most exciting holidays on the market.


What’s more, you’ll save a lot of money whilst you do it. That’s because you won’t have to pay the extremely expensive start-up costs of the travel service you want to provide. Coaches, safari jeeps and cruise ships cost a lot of money. But with a white-label agreement, you can use them under your own brand without having to buy them yourself. Best of all, by working under a white-label agreement, you’ll have an in-country partner that can help you deal with emergent travel needs. There’ll be no confusion for the customer and you’ll always have someone in-country to help if the situation changes.


How can you get a white-label agreement?


The best way to find a white-label supplier is through The Travel Corporation’s DMC portal. Every company featured there is a confirmed white-label supplier with decades of experience in the travel industry. If you’ve already found your supplier, then simply give them a call and ask if they do white-label services. Remember that not all service providers offer white-label services; you’ll have to enquire especially to find out what they can provide for you on a white-label basis. 


It’s important to note that if you want your service partner to feature specific brand touches on your tour – like branded shirts, hats, clipboards etc. – there’s a good chance you’ll have to provide those assets yourself.  Your partner, on the other hand, is responsible for providing all the assets necessary to run the service like staff, vehicles, fuel etc. However, every organization is a little different, so you’ll need to negotiate the specifics of your agreement with the provider themselves.


To learn more about white-label agreements and how they work, you can reach out to the team here at TTC or one of our partners. We’d be more than happy to help you explore your options.